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cropped-image.jpgIt is a privilege to be included in this amazing group of humans, who are working to provide a platform where entrepreneurship for women is supported and is a choice… choice is a big word here… Rare Birds invites both parties to the conversation and makes the effort to create a safe welcoming and learning environment for women to succeed.

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Rare Birds supports gender parity with launch of international Ambassador Program

Rare Birds Ambassador Program assists women entrepreneurs on their journeys from grassroot beginnings to global successes, while staying local but thinking global


8 March, 2016 – Coinciding with International Women’s Day, leading entrepreneurial hub Rare Birds today launches an international Ambassador Program to further foster entrepreneurship in regional and metropolitan locations throughout the world. Rare Birds believes that to see one million female entrepreneurs by 2020, support must stem from both men and women, as well as a diverse range of cultures and experiences.

“It’s time we accept that mobilising fifty percent of the global population of entrepreneurs requires one hundred percent diversity,” said Rare Birds Founder Jo Burston.

“From day one, I have said we are not a women’s organisation, we are a global movement which supports women entrepreneurs. That support comes from all genders, cultures, nationalities and politics. It’s wonderful to be able to announce the launch of the Ambassador Program today, International Women’s Day, particularly as this year’s theme is ‘parity’. Progress towards gender parity won’t just impact women, it will have significant impact on the global economy. It’s not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a ‘must-have’.

The program will appoint 100 international ambassadors by June 2017 and already has 15 ambassadors from around the world on board, of which eight are female and seven male. Ambassadors need to be entrepreneurs, thought leaders or captains of industry, play an active role in their community, have a passion for economic and social impact via entrepreneurship, and must strongly share the Rare Birds’ vision.

Jo Burston continues, “Today we celebrate eight females and seven males in the global rollout of our international Ambassador Program. This is a particularly proud moment for us, diversity is alive and embraced by our entire community. The support of so many male ambassadors, even at this early stage, is testament to that.”

The Rare Birds Ambassador program will also play a pivotal role in supporting budding entrepreneurs from remote, regional and local communities.

“There are huge benefits to be reaped by local economies when successful entrepreneurs stay put in their home towns,” explains Jo Burston.

“Likewise, the decision to include global entrepreneurial identities arose from our commitment to always be thinking big and flying high. There’s no reason why someone starting a business in Uluru, Hawaii or Vietnam shouldn’t have the same opportunity to access funding, mentoring and education. We believe passionately in making that happen,” she concludes.

To sign up to become a Rare Birds Ambassador visit:

About Rare Birds – Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Rare Birds is a global hub that connects and supports aspiring and established entrepreneurs, creates opportunities and solves problems by providing funding, education, mentorship and publishing inspiring, practical content.

Rare Bird’s vision is to see one million women entrepreneurs in their global community by 2020, with a mission to give every woman the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by choice.


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