UN – 40 Million People Trapped in Slavery, Most are Women and Girls

A new report released today by the United Nations states that there were 40 Million people trapped in slavery in 2016. 71% of these are women and girls. Read the article here.

600,000 thousand of these are in the USA alone, we must work together to end this abomination. YOU can do something.  We support the KCJusticeProject which educates how to recognize victims, and works with the FBI to prevent Human Trafficking. To learn more donate here.

You can watch the founder’s TEDX talk below.

 About a quarter of modern slavery victims were children, including those forced to marry as children and those in sexual exploitation. About 1 million children were victims of commercial sexual exploitation in 2016 and 3.8 million adults were in forced sexual exploitation. Women and girls accounted for 99% of sexual exploitation victims and 88% of forced marriage victims.

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