Empowering you to tell your story to your customers, investors and partners to grow your business and build your market share.

Bryan Kramer

We are all people. Businesses, like markets are made up of people. Human to Human skills have always been the essence of any successful business. 


PR and Communications strategies with a focus on storytelling and emotional connection, so creating a deeper relationship with your audience.

Your engagement and loyalty increased.

Your business grows.


We introduce you to the most relevant people to help you build your business and achieve your goals, whether they are customers, investors or strategic partnerships.

Generate growth.


We work with you to grow your business according to the goals you set.

Team efforts deliver the best results with the highest impact.

Every person counts. when it comes to success.


We mentor and advise entrepreneurs, businesses and teams to empower them to maximize their success and so the business. I have a specific focus on empowerment of women, but my clients

We work with successful entrepreneurs who want more out of life or who feel stuck and want to find a more abundant and joyful way.

It always helps to talk.

Clear. Confidential. Communication.


“Jax has an innate ability to visually understand what works and why, and communicate that in a way that drives desired outcomes. While Jax can think at a higher strategic level, she is also one to pay close attention to detail .. a unique combination. She can think differently and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.”

Tina Sterling, CEO, SeChange
Entrepreneurial Education Foundation and Kauffman Foundation

All Through

  • Storytelling
  • Business growth and strategy
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Partnerships
  • Fund Raising
  • PR and Communications Strategy and Delivery
  • Brand Development
  • Culture and Team Building