Empowering Women

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

It is a privilege to be included in this amazing group of humans, at Inspiring Rarebirds  as a Global Ambassador. We are working to provide a platform where entrepreneurship for women is supported and is a choice… choice is a big word here… Rarebirds invites both parties to the conversation and makes the effort to create a safe welcoming and learning environment for women to succeed.

On the subject of gender inequality, Emma Watson said;

“There’s a lack of a sense of urgency around this issue. We’re not really understanding what a huge impact this has all over the world. It’s one of the biggest contributors to poverty, to violence, to discrimination. It hinders development and progress all over the world.”

I agree. It is imperative that we make a change and invite both parties of the human race to the conversation, to help put an end to poverty, violence and discrimination and to uphold the rights for all to be included and to express themselves equally.

I am excited to be part of a movement that is creating change for the world  – to make a difference, globally for women.

On IWD – Parity

It is important to have all the parties feel included in the conversation of gender parity. Both must be invited to the conversation as it is only with two halves that we can make a greater whole.

Gender equality is the ability to choose to be part of the conversation and to find parity in all that we choose for our lives – and it is important that both men and women support this and are part of the dialogue for change.

If not me then who – it is important that we be the change we wish to see in the world.

On the role of women in the movement, Emma again said;

“We need to understand that we are complicit. Some of the harshest criticisms I’ve had in my life have been comments from other women. It’s not enough to ask men to come and support us. We need to support each other.”



“Jax brought energy, professionalism, determination, expertise, and passion to these projects. She kept the team focused. She provides great leadership, sees the big picture, but never forgets there are people working on all the moving parts. She is sharp and wise, honest and clear, respectful and collaborative.”

Kate Boyd, Business Owner and Editor
K8 Creative, delivering multiple projects