I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs before I knew it was a word. I have never known what it’s like not to work hard for what you want or not to be able to sell, having grown up in that environment. After a personal life changing set of circumstances, it was time for me to have my own entrepreneurial adventures.

Partly, I put it down to the spirit of adventure from my native land, New Zealand. I have parachuted solo from a plane, zip-lined in forests, swum with stingrays, helicoptered through the mountains of Peru, climbed Machu Picchu more than once, produced films in two languages, lived in 3 continents and my career has been just as full of adventure and varied!

Along the way, I became passionate about empowering women in leadership and in business and about the plight of those entrapped in Human Trafficking.

I apply this passion in my work which has a focus on building and developing women in business. I am proud to be a Global Ambassador for Inspiring Rarebirds, which empowers women entrepreneurs around the globe, to serve with the Justice Project in Kansas City, and consider it an honour to mentor young women as they start their lives in the business world.

One of my current projects is to work to end the plight of Identity for refugees so that they can find safe haven and not be subjected to human trafficking by using revolutionary technology to prevent this tragedy.

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” … she brought energy, professionalism, determination, expertise, and passion to these projects. Jax helped bring brand awareness through PR to Vitanova working tirelessly and ambitiously for many months. I look forward to working with her on many more efforts as she is a true professional armed with savvy and wisdom.”

Tim Rose
Anhauser-Busch and Vita Nova